What is snappyPR?

snappyPR is a cool way to pitch your announcements to journalists, friends and the social web within seconds. It combines your news and images into an sleek and uniform pitching card.

Is it really free?

Sure, snappyPR is completely free! However if you like what we do and would like to help us keep it free, why not make a small Bitcoin donation. Our address is: 16vaq7SNubJTnKqcZHwQsdFXq8hmnG4X2Q.

What happens to my pitch?

All pitches are permanently hosted on snappyPR making them a breeze to share with friends, colleagues and journalists.

Can I add images?

Absolutely. Feel free to jazz up your pitch with beautiful high quality images. The more the better!

What are the image guidelines?

We accept all popular image formats but for the best user experience we recommend a minimum of 640x340 pixels so that your images look their best and are print ready for journalists.

Is their a word limit?

Yes, remember to keep your pitch short and snappy! With that in mind, we limit it to around 250 words.

What does the padlock do?

Toggling the padlock slider allows you to make pitches private or public. As a rule all pitch headlines are publicly available and archived, however if you would like to keep the body content of your pitch hidden from prying eyes simply lock your submission (just remember to keep your password safe as it will be required to access the pitch by you and others).

Can I use Hashtags?

Indeed, don't forget to use prominent #hastags to help trend your news on snappyPR.

Have more questions? Please contact our friendly support team :)