Students use running apps to keep fundraising front of Mind

Whilst many of us have suffered as a result of the pandemic, students have been left especially confused and worried, with some at university even having to isolate in their small, restrictive halls of residence.

The result, as reported by mental health charity Mind, is that 27% of students present a mental health problem whilst at university, five times greater than just ten years ago.

With this national crisis as the backdrop, Mind approached fundraising technology platform GivePenny to modernise the digital aspect of the 27 27 challenge, an established fundraising event developed by the charity.

27 27 was designed to raise awareness of the mental health issues highlighted in the research and engage people with personal connections to universities from all over the UK, whether as active students now or in the past. Participants are encouraged to run 27 miles in 27 days, fundraising along the way.

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