New Online Marketplace for Free-From Products Supporting Artisan Producers with 'FreeFromuary' February Campaign

January is a great month for vegan dieters with 'Veganuary' becoming bigger every year and plenty of new vegan options hitting the supermarket shelves and online shops. As supermarkets increase their range of vegan products, the "Free From" sections are getting smaller, leaving those with dietary needs and food intolerances frustrated, and with limited food options, especially for the health conscious.

The number of people developing food intolerances is rapidly growing, with those affected looking for free from alternatives of their favourite foods and options which are not full of preservatives and refined sugar. This led UK-based entrepreneur Margarita Kalna to found the Free From Festival - the UK's 1st Gluten, Dairy and Refined Sugar-Free Food Festival, which aims to improve the lives of those affected by food intolerances by introducing them to a wider range of artisan free-from products, while supporting smaller UK-based free-from producers. Many of the producers Margarita works with have personal experience of coping with food intolerance themselves, or in their families.

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