What's new at Michaeljohn London

For Immediate Release

15th January 2016

What's new at michaeljohn London


Reviv Wellness: Reviv is the global market leader brand for elective hydration, #beauty and #wellness using intravenous technology. The potent vitamin and #antioxidant IV drips as well as infusions combat the effects of ageing, dehydration, illness, fatigue, jet lag and other factors. Michaeljohn is delighted to add Reviv's potent IV drips and infusions to our treatment repertoire to address inner beauty and anti-aging concerns.

IV drips are the fastest and most efficient way to deliver wellness molecules through direct penetration to the blood stream. The body is able to easily absorb 100% of the vitamins and antioxidants compared to 55% from oral intake.

Michaeljohn is now offering IV drips and infusions administered by a qualified nurse as an added anti-ageing treatment to any facial or body treatment.

For more information visit: www.michaeljohn.co.uk