WeeFees - the online service that challenges estate agents to compete against each other to secure exclusive access to active sellers

WeeFees Ltd (https://weefees.com) has introduced the first inclusive #marketplace allowing traditional and online estate agents to secure exclusive access to active home sellers by offering them the lowest fee for the privilege.

#Sellers spend two minutes uploading their property details and, once they've been reviewed by WeeFees, agents are invited to compete against other by offering lower fees. Once the lowest fee is established, contact details of the winning agent and seller are exchanged.

It is anticipated that #WeeFees will help sellers to slash their costs by up to 50%. With #estate #agency fees currently between 1% and 2%, this could mean savings of up to £5,000 (exc. VAT) for anyone selling a £500,000 home.

For more information visit: https://weefees.com