Putting the North of England on the digital infrastructure map, Stellium Data Centres in Newcastle will launch the UKs newest carrier-neutral Internet exchange, NCL-IX

A carrier neutral internet exchange is critical if a region is to be a serious player in the global IT infrastructure.

Stellium Data Centers, The Data Meridian, Newcastle will launch NCL-IX, the UK's newest carrier-neutral Internet exchange point on February 11th, 2021, connecting Newcastle to data from sub-sea & international networks and UK national and regional networks for content, ISPs and cloud.

The 85-minute virtual launch which takes place this February 11th at 3pm is now open for registration at: https://bit.ly/3nyhP8i

Full Press Release: https://pressat.co.uk/releases/putting-the-north-of-england-on-the-digital-infrastructure-map-stellium-data-centres-in-newcastle-will-launch-the-uks-newest-carrier-neutral-internet-exchange-ncl-ix-91309385262ea39fc47e9d544c326981/#:~:text=Stellium%20Data%20Centers%2C%20The%20Data,for%20content%2C%20ISPs%20and%20cloud.