Kounterpoint Launches Beige Agency, a full service Brand & Advertising Consultancy

Creative Director Hugo Riley and Marketing Director Alex Kolster have come together with a wealth of international experience, to launch a new agency under the Kounterpoint umbrella. With offices in London and Brighton, this exciting new agency is streamlining outdated advertising business models, creating evocative content and experiences for its clients globally.

Beige Agency Ad: https://youtu.be/FxoUpBmSRLo

Subverting this corroded corporate structure monopolising creativity is central to the mission at Beige Agency. In their first advert they challenge the sterile image pushed by the advertising industry that bears little reality to the business environment of the pandemic and lockdown. Banks of technically gifted drones, working together in glass conference rooms or rebooting their creative engines playing ping pong may once really have been an office occurrence, but these days we feel it just doesn't resonate.

Full Press Release: https://pressat.co.uk/releases/kounterpoint-launches-beige-agency-a-full-service-brand-advertising-consultancy-699c4971db96fdae82d26f6fe6ca838b/